What We Can do For You

Loss Control and Code Consulting

Today's construction codes are complex and can create design, construction and operational challenges.  Let Integra Code Consultants help you find solutions that will satisfy your client and the code official. We also can provide loss control surveys that address life safety and fire protection.

Design and Construction Plan Review and Inspection

Sophisticated designs and complex fire protection systems require an experienced analysis to assure compliance.  Integra Code Consultants are nationally certified plans examiners who will provide you detailed reports.  We can develop your construction site fire safey plan to satisfy National Fire Protection Association and International Fire Code standards.


Employees need training to stay current on emerging trends and sustain their professional certifications.  Let Integra Code Consultants design and deliver face-to-face and distance learning opportunities.  Integra Code Consultants is an International Code Council Preferred Provider (ID 2101).