Recent Publications

US and International Journals

"Cellulose or Plastic? It's not just about shopping bags," International Fire Protection, March 2018

“Code Warriors: Compliance for Existing Buildings," Commercial Construction and Renovation, January/February 2018

"Fire Sprinkler Systems: How Much Water is Enough?" Utah Straight Tip, January 2018

"Tackling Fires in Buildings Under Construction," Building Safety Journal Online, October 2017.

"Product Compatibility Enhances Fire Protection Performance,” with Michelle Knight, Plumbing Engineer, August 2017  

“2018 IBC/IFC Changes for Multi-Family Dwellings” Fire Protection Contractor, July 2017

“Building Codes: A Critical Safety Component” Utah Fire Rescue Academy Straight Tip, June 2017


“Designing for Safety: Sprinkler Acceptance Tests” Plumbing Engineer, May 2017 

“Codes, Standards and Certifications” NEMAei, May 2017 

“Verifying Technical Competency” Utah Fire Rescue Academy Straight Tip, March 2017  

“The Influence of Plastics in High-Piled Storage” Gulf Fire, January 2017 

 “The Importance of Exits” BOMA Magazine, January 2017 

“High Challenge: High-Piled Protection” Gulf Fire, November 2016 

“Increasing Awareness: Guide to Testing Backflow Devices to Enhance Fire Protection” Plumbing Engineer, November 2016

“Protect from Peril” Mini-storage Messenger”, October 2016

 “America’s Fire Problem: Myth or Reality?” Building Safety Journal Online, October 2016. 

“Keeping it Simple: A Residential Sprinkler System Primer” Building Safety Journal Online, October 2016. 

“Technical and Research Reports: A Guide” Building Safety Journal Online, August 2016.