Integra's Client Services

Loss Control and Code Surveys

Integra can conduct field assessments to evaluate life safety and fire protection risks.  Let us identify and report hazardous conditions to provide corrective recommendations before they are mandated by regulatory officials or insurance underwriters.

Construction Site Fire Safety Plans

Both NFPA and the International Fire Code require written fire safety plans for projects of all sizes.  Let Integra develop easy-to-read, scalable plans that prepare the general contractor and satisfy the local code official.

Building and Fire Code Official Support

Code officials often claim that fire code compliance and fire protection system plan review are the most complicated challenges in their jobs.  Why not have an expert help?   Integra Code Consultants can provide you professional and prompt turnaround on fire code compliance projects and fire protection systems required by the Uniform Construction Code, International Building Code, International Fire Code and National Fire Protection Association standards.  

Post-Event Analysis

Did a fire protection system fail to operate? Did a fire barrier not perform as expected?  Let Integra analyze the circumstances and provide an expert opinion.

Technical Opinion and Report

Alternate methods and materials often provide designers and contractors a cost-effective and immediate solution to a code compliance problem.  Let Integra provide the documentation the code official needs to accept the proposal.